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Friday, February 22, 2008

Island Of Indulgences

So much for waxing lyrical about yoga on the beach. I didn't get round to doing even a spot of asana, save for a spontaneous headstand at a quarter to midnight. The few glasses of wine allowed me to hold the asana for a nanosecond before guiding my body into a horizontal variation. Of course, I blame the pure white, lumpy beach.

So what pulled the brakes on my lofty ambition? In no particular order of importance - a studio no one had ever heard of, a lousy yoga teacher in a five-star hotel, too much good food, too many delicious books, too much glorious sun, lengthy conversations with a long-time-no-see friend and of course, Langkawi's famous duty-free wine. I only polished one bottle off over a span of 3 days, but this body ain't like it was before! That's a story for another day, though.

I returned relaxed, wistful that it had ended so quickly and eager to plant my feet on my mat again. And couple of adventures here and there have propelled me back to journaling again.

Most importantly and unexpectedly, I found myself hooked on Langkawi. Cenang Beach, in particular. It was different than I remembered it to be four years ago. It was as though it grew up. From being a sleepy stretch of beach, it now plays host to throngs of enchanted guests. Its party is light, fun and incredibly laidback, without the hard glint of commercialism that Patong or Kuta has suffered.

That got me thinking...maybe I would like to live there someday.

P/S: I also had my first coffee in 5 weeks at the Breakfast Station. It was like returning to an old lover.


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