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Friday, December 19, 2008

I Miss...

finding my bliss in a home practice.riding the group energy in a favourite teacher's class.laughing until my stomach hurts.losing myself in a unputdownable book.nan.dancing with my heart and soul.the sound of a key at the front door.a homecooked meal.the cats' voices.trusting myself.nights that end too soon.being young and reckless.savannah drys.sunshiny days.trawling food markets in tea on a cold night in india.spontaneous supper plans at midnight.a yoga room.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Child are you in a dark place in your life right now? What is your incurable wound? Remember that it is impossible to heal the heart with the head. Christmas is upon us and bringing with it an energy for soulmate type of love, not friends with benefits. Ask your soul to surrender to the Divine and fill your life with love and light. Take care.

8:27 PM  
Blogger starlight said...

Oh Anon, I wish the head could heal the heart...that would make everything so much easier! I am in a dark place but I know it will get better with time. Thank you so much for your words and yes, I am making the effort to fill my life with love and light. Many hugs!

12:46 AM  

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