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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shades of Grey

"Live a little," TN murmured, as I fussed over how far behind schedule we were for the nest day's presentation.

"What do you mean?" I demanded, slightly frazzled and not in the mood for misplaced optimism.

"Live in the moment!" he said empathatically. "When you drive home, take a different route. Roll down the window and breathe in the air outside. Notice the trees. Ignore the traffic. Enjoy the journey or you'll reach your destination with no recollection of how you got there."

"Living a little means living in the moment without being preoccupied with thoughts about the future. The feeling that every fragment of that moment is frozen in one perfect frame. And you're overwhelmed by a feeling of pure happiness. Let tomorrow take care of itself."

"Well, it's hard to live a little right now," I retorted, thinking of the secret pain in my heart.

"No it's not," he said gently. "The trouble with you is that you see things in black and white. But some things can only be experienced in the grey for it to make sense and for you to gain a clearer perspective."

"Where does responsibility come in then?" I demanded. He had touched a tender spot and he knew it.

"Simple - before you commit to doing something, be prepared to take responsibility for the consequences. Then throw youself fully into the moment and live every part of it. No point worrying about the consequences while moving through that moment and not remembering a single part when its over. Then the whole experience would have been a waste."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Starlight, referring especially to your last 2 blogs, would you check out some articles by Rachna Chopra? You can find it at i think it will reach out to the yogi in you.
I'm sorry for the pain in your heart. No matter how many private battles you are wading thru, you are not responsible for another's negativity. Bless the ones who are in torment but protect your heart from their darkness. Take care,Hari Om.

2:20 AM  
Blogger starlight said...

'Bless the ones who are in torment but protect your heart from their darkness.' I love that. Thank you so much, Anon. I will cehck out the site this evening. The pain is lessening and your silent support really helps. Hug.

10:06 PM  

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