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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Eight Secrets

I will confess straight up that I am taking the easy way out with this post. The past few weeks have felt watching a movie on fast-forward and I haven't had time to pen a cohesive version of my experiences and observations. But I do have stories to tell,w

A collague recently sent me this snippet. Entitled 'Eight Secrets of Sucess For The Olympics and Beyond', it is an adaptation and expansion of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

As I read the article, it struck me that these 'secrets' also apply to one's journey on the path. Here they are with my modifications in italics.

Secret #1
Practice self-awarenss and be aware of everything happening around you and within you, adpating yourself to its constant chnaging and staying always vigilant.

Secret #2
Love the practice you have chosen for yourself today. Keep your attitude always positive, especially when any difficulties are encountered on and off the mat.

Secret #3
Learn from everything you experience and from every teacher and student you meet, remembering there is no 'failure' but only 'feedback' which can be used to constantly improve.

Secret #4
Don't ever take yourself or your practice too seriously and never forget the power of humour to build bridges and heal hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

Secret #5
Speak always with intergrity, saying what you meana nd avoiding gossip about others. Always keep your word to others and therefore be careful about what you promise, ensuring that it is within your own span of control.

Secret #6
Don't take anything personally, especially when it comes from your ego. What others say is a protection of their own reality, their own yogic journey and their own dream, so don't allow yourself to become a victim of negativity or harsh criticism.

Secret #7
Don't make assumptions but find the courage to always ask questions and consistently communicate clearly and respectfully with others, and more importantly, with yourself.

Secret #8
Whatever the circustances - and circumstances will always be changing - always do your level best and you will avoid self-judgment, disappointment and regret.


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