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Friday, November 06, 2009

A Letter To Amanpour

When I was 11, I marched into the kitchen where my mother was washing vegetables for dinner and declared, "I want to be a journalist because I want to be a voice for those without one."

My mother rewarded this grand annoucement with, "You just concentrate on studying first."

12 years later, I was a news writer and presenter for a satellite radio station. The art deco in the small newsroom consisted of four TV sets mounted on the walls and tuned to CNN, BBC, Bloomberg and ESPN. One day in the midst of scrambling to meet the hourly deadlines, I shot a hurried glance at the CNN channel and stopped in mid-type. For the next few minutes, I watched a dark-haired woman in her trademark boxy jacket deliver her field report. In that instant, I knew that I had found my role model in Christiane Amanpour.

The radio news station was the closest that I have ever gotten to writing 'serious news'. And it wasn't enough. I wanted to write for major news magazines but knew that I didn't have the right portfolio with which to approach them just yet. Then two weeks ago, the opportunity to contribute to an Asian news magazine appeared. I was both thrilled and terrified! If all worked out, it would be my first proper foray into the world of serious news reporting and I wasn't sure where to turn for guidance in this unfamiliar world. Then a crazy thought popped up; why not ask Amanpour herself? The very idea of it took my breath away, but it made sense. What's the point of having a role model if you can't seek her wisdom?

So last night I wrote an email to her. I explained my situation and asked her three questions (1) What do you read on a daily basis? (2) How do you prepare yourself for interviews and news stories, especially if the subject is unfamiliar and you're on a tight deadline? (3) What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Within minutes I received an auto-reponse thanking me for my correspondence and assuring me that my email would be read but regretting that they would be unable to provide a personal response.

Worst case scenario, I don't hear from her.
Best case scenario, I do.
Point of the scenario, I asked.


Blogger Hemalatha said...

Hey Steph...

All the best in your future job... and i think christian amanpour is a big role model to women ot there. I don't miss her program on CNN...

I hope she replies..good lucka nd hope to catch up with you...

Take care

7:22 AM  
Blogger starlight said...

Thank you so much, Hemalatha. :) I hope she replies too!

4:20 PM  
Blogger wasim said...

best of luck...!

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10:53 AM  
Blogger starlight said...

thank you, wasim! still no reply tho.

6:58 AM  

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