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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not So Soon, Little Missy!

The funny thing about the universe is that it never lets you escape the lessons you need to learn. No matter how far off the beaten track you wander, it will always gently pull you back on the path and make you scale that damn wall that you have tried so hard to walk around. And until you do, your entire journey will be fraught with wild brambles, raging rivers and deep chasms that never showed up on your map.

I learnt this the hard way. The very hard way.

Eight months ago, my life disintergrated and I was given an opportunity to rearrange the pieces in a different way. To do that, though, I had to take time for inner reflection. Retreat into that quiet place within. But being in that quiet place would also mean hearing my thoughts a little too loudly. That scared me so I decided to pave a path around that wall instead. It worked for a while. Two months later, the wall popped up again with all my demons perched on it, swinging their legs and waving merrily.

Once again the universe invited me to travel within. It's not too late, it said. This time I had every intention of doing so, but after a few weeks, the road evened out again and I conveniently forgot what I wanted - needed - to do.

Four months later, there was that wall again. I hit it hard. And I finally got it - I would be hitting that wall over and over again until I did what I needed to do. There was no escape route on this path. And the demons get bigger each time.

So if you find that, despite your best efforts at moving forward you're still yanked back to the starting line, find that pebble in your shoe. What is it that you don't want to face? That's your key to freedom. For as long as you don't learn that lesson, you will never blossom and you will find yourself always moving in circles.

It's never too late.


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