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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Aftermath

No, I didn't succumb to that luscious bottle of Chardonnay. *grin*

Instead I told my inner child that Chardonnay has not been summoned to babysit her that night and made her a hot cup of roasted green tea with spices. I told her that there would be no banshee screams and to stop prodding the lion. Then I let her write to express herself frustration, allowed her read on the balcony till way past a decent hour and tucked her into bed with a big hug and a promise that the sun would rise again tomorrow.

Gradually, her angry trantrum wound down into exhausted hiccups and today, she's back on her feet and eager to meet life head-on again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Starlight, am enjoying your latest blogs. I love your truth, and anger and 'stuff it' attitude, and the tears that follow.This is the path to bodhichitta :) .Come join my motley group of new found friends for our Friday night meditation sessions - its casual, free, laidback but you come out feeling calm, centered and directed. Call me - its the number with the range of 3,6 and 9. Take care, Hari Om.

8:03 PM  
Blogger starlight said...

Anon, thank you so much for the invitation. I would love be part of the motley crew...will be in touch very soon. Thank you again for reaching out. Love and light.

8:25 PM  

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