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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Archilles: The Reunion

It's been a long time since I met my old friend. But then again, I've never welcomed his presence so it's no small wonder that he stays away. In fact, he had been silent for so long that I wondered if the impossible had just become possible; that Archilles was truly and final gone. Melted out of my life. Exhaled out of my body. Laughed out of my soul.

Then I went to India and he reappeared.

This time, it isn't so bad. I'm stronger, wiser and braver. He's milder. Yet, his presence and his impact still disturbs me. It's as though he's taunting me. Mockingly reminding me that no matter how far I come in life, he will always have a hold over me.

Today, I feel a little out of sorts. Mainly because I've just returned from a long flight, but short trip to India. A business trip that has left me physically and , thanks to Archilles, emotionally tired.

I need some rest, some peace.

But Archilles has decided to stay for a while.


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