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Friday, February 09, 2007

My Student & The Stork

Last Thursday, I receieved a text message that filled me with elation and a slight twinge of disappointment. My pregnant student had delivered.

D had walked into Y2H in December, when she was seven months pregnant. She initially signed up for three weeks of personal classes, but after discovering how good yoga made her feel, she decided to carry on until she 'popped'. I saw her twice a week. Tuesdays were reserved for pregnancy yoga and Thursday were dedicated to couples yoga, in which she came with her husband, H. I taught them various pranayama techniques, asana for couples, meditation and visualisation. And they taught me as much as I taught them. It was a journey we took together.

H and D were dream students. They listened, they absorbed and they remembered. And every teacher (whether in yoga or otherwise) will understand how thrilling and gratifying it is when you realise that your sharing of knowledge wasn't in vain. That wasn't all. They were like lights. Each time they entered the studio, it was as through the energy levels instantly lifted. We practiced in a space filled with peace, happiness and trust.

I learnt that pregnant women are not as fragile as I thought. I never wanted to teach them before, fearing I wouldn't be able to handle their vulnerabilty. When D bounced into the studio, she single-handedly discarded that assumption. I learnt which asana elicits a sigh of pleasure and which ones result in a grimace. And I learnt that sometimes words are really not necessary. During the couples yoga session, I encouraged D and H to listen to each other's body language, so they would understand when to guide the other deeper into a pose and when to stop. Their touches were gentle and their non-verbal requests tender. I loved watching their silent communication.

So yes, I felt a little disappointed that our sessions had ended. But D promised to be back for a post-natal session, so I have that to look forward to. In fact, I have more than that. Yesterday, I was told that three pregnant women have requested personal classes. I laughed when I heard. How ironic that someone who never wants to be with child is now finding herself surrounded by students in that exact condition!