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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Song Of Freedom

I did it.

I finally did it.

I took a long hard look at all the signs around me, delved deeper into my heart, inhaled a deep breath of courage and said the three little words that would change my life - I am leaving. The instant those words rolled off my tongue, the albatross around my neck suddenly spread its wings and took flight. And as it rose, it released from its claws, a golden silk pouch. The pouch opened and out spilled a ray of silver light which hung like an exquisite gauze veil before me. Then, out of the golden pouch flowed my dreams. Different shapes and sizes, the colours of precious stones. They floated towards the silvery sheet and as they gently settled on it, a different melody swelled up in each of them. They began moving in a circle. Slow at first, and then faster and faster.

Soon they were moving so swiftly that their colours and shapes merged into an glorious swirl of hues. Like an invisible paint brush flying in circles on a canvas. Suddenly I realised that their invidual tunes had also melded into a song. A song that touched me deeply with its promise of beauty, peace, freedom and joy.

A song to which my heart could finally sing.

Because it was in my heart that that song was first born.


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