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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weird & Wonderful

Interesting things have been happening to me in the past two weeks. Strange things. Wonderful things. Things that cannot be explained through logic but which will seem perfectly logical to those who have faith in the power of the Universe. To make a long story short, I sent out a request last week and it was answered almost immediately and with startling clarity. New people, places and opportunities have come my way and I'm still reeling from the sheer speed of it all.

Going to the Spa Asia Wellness Summit in Thailand last week was probably one of the smartest things I've done for myself. The minute I stepped onto the airplane, I was unwittingly opening a new door for myself. One that I had long dreamt to walk through but somehow never found. When I realised that I had actually entered it, I almost ran the rest of the way but a run-in with my first yoga teacher persuaded me to hit the brakes.

"When you put too much heart in what you do, the heartache is also greater," she said.

"Meaning?" I asked.

"You're making decisions based on emotions right now. With your heart."

"But aren't you supposed to follow your heart to lead an authentic life?"

"True but you first have to connect with your essence, your inner self, to understand what an authentic life for you really is."

"And how do I do that?"

"Do you meditate?"

"Um...not really."

"Start meditating. The answers will come to you in your inner stillness. Only then will you be able to step back from the situation and look at it with neutral eyes. And once you connect with your essence, your core, you'll know what you really need, not just what you really want. If you take that step now, you'll always be swayed by other people and end up doubting yourself terribly. But if you wait just a while longer and find that essence, you will be unshakable. Be patient. You will take that step. Just later than sooner."

And so I listened. Packed up my dreams in a golden silk pouch and placed it tenderly back on the shelf, blowing it a soft kiss that held the promise "Not too long more".


Blogger Rafleesia said...

I'm so happy the Summit worked wonders for you! And your friend the yoga teacher is so wise. One day Starlight, one day...

6:22 PM  
Blogger starlight said...

yes, she's very wise. and perhaps that day will come sooner than later. :)

7:24 PM  

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